Black Breeding Farm #4-3

Where white husbands send their unsuspecting wives to be successfully inseminated by VERY aggressive Black Bulls. They do not return back home until the wives have been passed around and pumped full of baby making seed multiple times to ensure pregnancy. These are the TRUE DVDs of superior black seed breeding innocent white wives.==========================================================At the Breeding Farm, there is no time to waste. There is one sole purpose. And that is to successfully inseminate dirty whore white wives, So, after the 1st and 2nd breeding attempts, the black bulls didn’t want Kassidy and Christy to change oufits. They rather enjoyed them in their cum reeking lingerie from past fuckings, and demanded they still wear them, as any common whore would. The difference this time is that there are now 3 Superior Black Bulls breeding Christy, as Kassidy services them by offering her already pregnant pussy to keep them all hard until its time to deposit their loads into Christy’s fertile womb. Like animals, they mounted them both, as the called them filthy names, and passed each of them around to one another. Pounding, stretching, ruining their holes for any white man, they were relentless. When they decided it was time, they mounted Christy, one at a time and pumped her full of their baby making seed into her waiting womb. This was the Breeding Farm’s 4th insemination out of many this weekend.

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