Cougar Seduces Bull

This is what happens when you leave a young black bull in my presence. As he sat there after his basketball game & waited for a friend to show up I used my white girl charm to seduce him. Why let all of that young black testosterone go to waste. It’s a classic seduction scenario as I offer to massage his muscles after his game. A great opportunity to turn a boy into a man! Soon after that I am swallowing his cock whole, gulping it all the way down my throat. This young bull had one speed & one speed only & that’s fast as hell… This boy must have not had pussy in years because he fucked me full speed from behind for what seemed like an hour. I now call him ‘Bam Bam’ when I see him. Watch his muscular body bang away on my curvy ass before he pops his wad all over my ass & back. Don’t worry, I clean that BBC off after he’s finished. Cum watch the seduction…

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