Violate My Innocent Wife’s Womb 3

My God, my whore wife was used and made to do so many nasty acts. She had disgusting words written all over her cute face and humiliating phrases written in magic marker, all over her body. Collared and leashed as nothing more than a "animal" for his brutal black assault, he penetrated my sweet wife with a vengeance.Yanking on her leash, she was made to service his lust filled needs and when she screamed out, he quickly shut her up by covering her mouth with his strong hand.He even humiliated her further, by writing his friends names on her as he fucked her, and then called his friends as he continued to pound relentlessly in my wife. He finally unleashed a torrent of sperm onto my innocent wife’s face and mouth, and then shoved her back onto the bed and shoved his cock deep inside her, and continued to pump thick strands of semen into her hole.Wait til you see the HUGE gaping hole he left, as his sperm oozed back out…

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